San Diego RNR Half Marathon Training- Week 10

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Sunday May 20, 2018

This marks the end of 10th week of training! Coming into this week I had 12 training runs before the Half Marathon race, that number just got smaller by 5. I’m feeling very good where I’m at and seem to be peaking at the right moment. Carrie and I both feel this has been an extremely great training for us. We’ve avoided being injured, sure I have the aches and pains but nothing I would call an injury. I’m doing my exercises and stretches especially after my runs and using all of our tools like the R8, R3, foam rollers, and balls.

Our house looks more like a play room with our exercise gadgets and mats but its a must when you’re an athlete in training. Let’s see how this week turned out!


Tuesday– Intervals- 8 x 1000M @ 10K pace w/ 200M Marathon pace


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This was the last of the hard track workouts and was it a tough mother! It was another cool morning which we are very fortunate to have in mid May. I started out looking to hit 5:04-5:07 on the 1K’s which would put me on pace for my 10K race splits. The first few went well but I could feel my quads, calves, and hips fatiguing.

I know I’m fatigued from the hard training as I should be but making it tougher was the fact that 3 days ago I ran 13 miles and the week before had a 10K race on a hilly course. I’ve rebounded nicely since then and knew that I needed to close out the tough workout strong.

On the 5th 1K, I was really getting tired and feeling the lactic acid. I pushed on the last 3 and did close out strong. The final tally on the  8 x 1000M came to an average of 5:04 which is spot on for my target! I waited for Carrie who also ran very strong on her speed workouts and we made our way home for our cooldown mile.

10 weeks of hard speed at the track is now over and the last few weeks will be much easier to manage as the mileage starts to drop allowing the body to recover and rebuild. A great day at the Oval Office… a very strong effort!!

Wednesday– Recovery run

Nothing fancy about this one… just get out and get some leg turnover. The legs are tired and sore, definitely getting close to taper.


Thursday– Easy run

An easy 5 miler and my body is ready to just hibernate. It feels like running through quicksand, the turnover seems slow and even though I’m not worried about my pace on these days, it seems like I’m barely moving. I did have some company with 1 1/2 to go as I saw a neighbor of ours Wendy who was running with her dog. We chatted and helped keep us running. After a full day of work, I’ll reward myself with a dip in the pool and get some much-needed relief!


Saturday– Long run

Today was the last of the double-digit runs. Carrie’s friend Kara had asked if we wanted to run with her and Susan’s group out in Chandler around this nice lake within Jacaranda and the beautiful backdrops of the lake. I started out with the group which _storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_received_files_20180519_070329_1526740913039was about a dozen strong. We were doing the 6 mile loop while others were doing the 4 mile loop. I wore my new Nike top that I got at the outlet, with my gift certificate courtesy of work… I finally found something there and it fit very comfortably. Maybe my race day shirt???



Immediately I knew this was a fast group. I was the back of the pack and I was running 8:45 vs. my goal pace of 9:10. No worries, I ran quick the first 2 miles then settled into a good pace and the pack was out of sight. Carrie and Kara and the rest of the BTB group was running around 7:15 pace!

My legs especially the hip flexors and quads felt like lactic was rushing in early around mile 3. I definitely need to get this flushed out on my next massage as well as work done with my Chiro next week…. the body is in dire need of some maintenance.

My run went good, not great with the soreness but good enough to get 10 miles in. I had an issue with my music skipping and as it turns out the earphones might be going bad but nothing I crazy.

All in all, Carrie and I put in a good workout, she ran incredibly well and closed out her last mile extremely quick which she was trying to do. 2 weeks to go and the taper begin!

Sunday– Recovery run

Oh these recovery runs. Slower but the soreness with each stride is at times daunting. I am feeling the effects of 10 weeks of hard ass training and I mean every word of it.

I did my usual run a mile or so then head to the track to get in my run on softer and flat grounds then ran home to finish up.

I am now over the hard long hard workouts with only 2 more track workouts which will be much short but with some intensity to not lose any momentum.

Aside from my hip flexors, quads, and calf being sore and tight, I am feeling well and looking forward to the much-needed drop in mileage and 1 less running day on these 2 remaining weeks. It has been a journey and one I have done for so many years and love every single one of them!

I’m also proud of Meredith who has been consistent as she usually is on her training session who, recently crushed her 10 miler in Flagstaff in 7,000 elevation at the same pace she normals does her long runs. I feel she is in for a great race and deserves it with all of the hard work and perseverance that she puts into her training. I can’t wait to see how well she does.

Well, another chapter closes in training and 10 weeks is in the rearview mirror. This also signifies the beginning of true taper with one less day of running and drop in mileage. It couldn’t come at a better time as my body is banged up and needs a little tlc!

I have a Chiro appointment this week for some adjustments and spine decompression as well as a nice massage next weekend which I anticipate will be a bit painful but is needed to help get rid of some junk.

I have to make sure I’m getting a good nights sleep and staying well hydrated. It’s been a great training period as I have mentioned in the past for Carrie and I. As athletes, the greatest gift you can give yourself is what you put into each and every training session. I truly mean busting your ass and giving more than you might at times think was even possible. When you do, you walk away with such a feeling of accomplishment which propels you throughout your day and really makes you appreciate the ability to train the human body which allows the mind to open up more possibilities.. I can’t wait for SD!!!


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