San Diego RNR Half Marathon Training- Week 11

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Sunday May 27, 2018

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As you can tell, I’m tapering now :). By the time you read this, week 11 is in the books and I’m a week into my taper phase. For some, tapering is a glorious time in training in that it allows us to drop our mileage and get some much-needed rest on the legs and entire body. For others, it’s misery and a time of anxiousness as we wait for race day to final come and put our training into practice.

For me, I look forward to this time as a way to re-energize and gather my thoughts as race day approaches. Sure, the restlessness of the body which has been used to training so hard for 2 1/2 months is at times hard to manage. But, I look forward to a drop in mileage and one less day of running to get some much-needed recovery.

It’s typical for runners to feel sluggish and lethargic, but on race day we will be fresh with tons of energy just waiting to be unleashed!!

This week I also started to get some much needed recovery in the Normatec Recovery boots at my Chiro’s office. The boots inflate air and provide pressure throughout the legs and then releases and compresses again in other areas of the legs. Its designed to increase circulation and help aid in quicker recovery.

It’s Free which is so cool and I plan to use it a few times before the race in hopes of flushing some junk out! Thanks again to all the great staff at AZ Disc Sport and Spine and Dr. Rudd for providing much needed care during my training period!

Monday– Chiro day…

I went in to see Dr. Rudd for my Chiro appointment and got some work done. I got the usual electric stimulation on my glutes and calf, spinal decompression on the table which was turned up more this week which helps to elongate the spine and relax it, then got some A.R.T work done on the table. I finished off with the recovery boots on the Normatec recovery boots for 30 minutes to help flush out the lactic acid. We’re getting close to the wire with race day just 13 days away and doing what I can to stay healthy and the body feeling good!
Tuesday – Threshold Intervals- 3 x 1.5 mile @ Half race pace w/ 200M recovery

This was a little harder than I anticipated. I’m still feeling the fatigue in my legs and the soreness that has been lingering around for the past several weeks. Despite that, I hit my target and ran both of my 1.5 miles in 14:00 and 13:59 with a target of 14 mins so right on pace!

Afterwards, Michelle and I did one 400M and the goal was to run 1:30-1:35… I surprised myself and ran somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:26-7! I hit my watch late and knew the time would not be accurate.. it read 1:11!! of course that wasn’t the correct time but how cool if it had been. A good day at the Oval Office nonetheless!
Thursday – Easy run

After taking a day off on Wednesday since I’m dropping in mileage and by one day, it was time to get the legs moving. It feels anything but comfortable. It’s like running through quicksand. My massage is this weekend and I know I’m going to need some deep tissue and work in several areas… a much needed maintenance. I got some time on the recovery boots at my chiro after work to help flush out the junk!
Saturday– Semi-long run

7 miles on the dock for me and the last of the long runs before the big race next weekend!

It was a very good run I did not have as much of the fatigue as I’ve had in recent weeks.

Afterwards I got a little more of the recovery boot maintenance at the chiro office consisted of deep tissue massage which I definitely needed.
Sunday– Recovery run

I ended the week with an easy run out at Tempe Town Lake. Carrie and I got out just before 5 a.m. to do I run then we volunteered for a 5K race with the Arizona road Racers summer series #1.

We got to see Michelle and Paul and a few other friends doing the race but it was great to give back to the running community and volunteer our time handing out water to all those runners!

Well, 11 weeks of training is officially done! Exactly one week and the big race will take place and I am ready!


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