San Diego RNR Half Marathon Training- Week 12…Race Week!!

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Monday May 28, 2018

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Happy Memorial Day to all and especially to all of our Armed Forces Military and to those who served and lost their lives fighting for the freedom that we enjoy today…

Thank you for your service!!!

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Well, I thought I would release the Week 12 blog earlier before the race as the buildup to race day inches closer.

Since the last few weeks is really about maintenance and staying healthy, I thought I would look back on my training and see what the future may hold on race day.

But first, when I take to the streets in San Diego this coming weekend, it will mark 16 years since I last did this very race. It was 2002 when I was a strapping 32 year old runner who was raising funds for the Leukemia Team in Training. I had to raise about $2,500 for The Leukemia Society who then paid for my entry fee, airline tickets, and hotel stay along with a few meals at our pre and post race meetings.

It was one of the best times I’ve ever experienced as a runner but more importantly, as someone trying to help raise funds for a very worthy cause. Little did I know that my stepfather John would pass away from Non-Hodgkins disease a form Leukemia a few years ago.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in such an incredible cause with a group of fantastic people and runners across the country.

Back in 2002 I ran the full Marathon and finished in 4:17:32… not a quick race but when I look back at how I got there it was pretty incredible. One week before the race, I pulled my hamstring doing a track workout which back then I wouldn’t have done that specific workout but knowing now what I didn’t know would have been a HUGE help. I managed to get a massage and make it to the start line. Although with a tender and still sore hamstring, I ran as good as I could and have a great race!

It was also Carries first Marathon which she ran incredibly well and as a result, qualified for her first Boston Marathon!

And now I wait for the next 6 days to come before race day. I am giving my body the rest of it needs and have reduced my mileage.

Overall I feel pretty good and have one more track workout which won’t be extensive but it will consists of quality of course.

I will be updating this blog throughout the week and providing additional insight as the race approaches ever so quickly.

Tuesday– Track workout… 3 x 1/2 mile @ Half Marathon pace w/ 200 recovery

A good workout and finish to my track workouts this morning. Carrie and I along with Meredith all hit the track one final time this training period and hit our targets with a great workout. It was weird having a shorter workout as I inch closer to race day, but a welcome relief. A great morning at the Oval Office!


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