San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race recap!

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Thursday June 7, 2018

Well, the San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon came and went just like that! I was very pleased with the outcome and my training leading up to it. Going into this I was thinking I would like to fall close to 1:55 but definitely under 2 hours. I crossed the finish line in 1:56:18 exhausted and sore on the left foot but so happy with my performance.

I ran a very consistent race with my splits being close at each split. Here are my splits according to the race…

  • Finish Time 01:56:18
  • 3.1 miles 27:20 Pace 8:49
  • 6.2 miles 54:50 Pace 8:50
  • 10 miles 1:28:28 Pace 8:50
  • 13.1 miles- Finishing time 1:56:18 Overall Pace 8:52
  • Overall 2022 / 13073
  • Division 152 / 686
  • Gender 1364 / 5434


It was a hot morning as the marine layer clouds quickly dispersed within the first few miles which is rare for the “June Gloom” in San Diego. A lot of runners including my wife and friends also felt the same in their races.  I had the complete opposite and felt in control and not overheated. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot and very moist as my shirt was drenched but I was on a mission.

I started out early on by running 8:35 in the first half mile and felt great but I knew I would need to control my pace and gradually brought the pace closer to 8:45. Around the first mile I saw Desi Linden the Boston Marathon winner who was pacing the 2:00 group and I congratulated her as I ran by.

As the miles came and went, I felt good and was staying within myself and not doing anything crazy with speed. My breathing was good and my body felt just the same.

The course had a few more hills than I had researched but nothing that was too steep or for long. There was also a very steep descent as we were leaving Balboa park. It was at this point which was around mile 9-10 that I let myself run quickly rather than hit the brakes and put more pressure on the quads.  In fact, at one point I was running 6:19 at the fastest.

From Mile 10-12, I was feeling the soreness in my left foot on that bottom part like I normally do late in the race but ran an 8:54 pace which is pretty good for me.

As I approached the last mile, I was hurting and my pace was showing it. The last 1.1 miles to close out the race said 9:29 but I made up a little on the last .10 with my fastest pace being a 5:54.

It was a great race overall and I honestly believe I had one of my best training phases in quite some time. Here is the breakdown of my 5K’ splits and last segment right up to the finish. As you can tell, I was very consistent on the splits. The only blemish was the last mile where I was hurting and pulling a 9:15 pace.

mile 3.1 Avg: 8:48 min/mile
mile 6.2 Avg: 8:46 min/mile
mile 9.3 Avg: 8:46 min/mile
mile 12.4-Finish Avg: 9:15 min/mile


It was fitting that I had a good race and validation that the training which was extremely solid warranted a great race.

As I reflect on the race, I am happy I was able to get my time back under 2 hours. Last summer when I raced in June and September both in the midwest under far worst conditions with the heat and humidity than San Diego, I had two of my slowest times ever in the half! It was the first time I ran over 2 hours.

San Diego couldn’t have gone any better and the 12 weeks of training leading up to it was one of my best trainings. I made some changes including slower easy/long runs and faster and tougher speed workouts at the track which I believe help prepare me for success this past weekend.

I will now take a few days of rest and try a short run this weekend. My plan for the summer is to focus on training for 5K’s and a 10K in the fall as I prepare for a winter Half Marathon which looks to be Tucson!!!

I’d like to congratulate our friends Paul, Lynette, Meredith, and Anne for completing the race.

My training partner for most of the runs and wife Carrie also ran and placed 8th overall in the women’s field and received a cool plaque!!! Although she did have the best of days, she closed out the race strong and gave everything she had.

Carrie and I ran together during our training for most of the days. It helped having her out there and this was probably the first time we have trained together in those early morning hours. Thanks Carrie!!!

I leave you with some pictures of San Diego!











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