Keeping Summer fun!

Monday June 25, 2018


Summer is in full swing and 100+ temps are the norm for the next few months. It’s been hot but for me it hasn’t been miserable… yet! In the coming weeks the humidity will definitely be upon us as July inches forward.

With all of the heat, I still look forward to staying up with my fitness and this summer is off to a great start. Over the weekend, I decided to mix it up and do my own version of a short and I mean short triathlon. Why a triathlon you ask? Well, I’m running at this point and have been doing a little swimming several times a week at our lap pool, why not throw in a bike as well?

I figure I need to do some cross training during he offseason from distance running/racing and isolate different muscle groups while having fun at the same time.

And so it began Sunday morning. I headed out for a short easy run of 3 miles which is usually something I do on Sunday mornings. Then I waited for Carrie who had a few more miles on the road. I got our bikes ready and we headed out the door for a nice 10 miler around Ahwatukee. The breeze on the bikes felt good and having some time to coast on the downhills felt like a little reward. We climbed up one big hill near about a mile out from home and powered through.

It was close to 7:15am when we completed our 2nd discipline on the bike before we walked to the lap pool in our neighborhood and put in a little swim. I’m not much of a swimmer but this summer I’ve been having more fun with it and actually able to swim a tiny bit longer. I did 200M freestyle with a few rests as well as 50m breaststroke.

The water was refreshing after being on our feet and wheels. That was it and before 8am, I had completed my own triathlon in reverse order with the run and swim being reversed which was by design. It was fun sharing it with Carrie who had fun as well.

The body felt great and biking was good for me to do since we have great a great community and roads in Ahwatukee. Later in the afternoon after watching World Cup Soccer and Track and Field, I put in my strength training at the gym to complete a health filled day!

It’s summer, but it doesn’t have to be boring and we found a way to stay active and have a great time!


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