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Sunday July 1, 2018

June is now behind us and depending on how you view your glass, we only have 3 more months of hot weather :). That being said, there remains plenty of time to get in some hot weather training that has been compared to elevation training.

Believe me, it’s not easy to pound the pavement and move at the same rate as you do in cooler weather. But maintaining even the slightest of fitness during the summer will pay dividends when October and November rolls around and the racing season kicks off!

This past week at track I was the only one putting in a workout. It’s normal to see people drop off and do their own thing, who wants to run in the heat right? I do :). My summer will have some shorter races and I want to have some resemblance of speed on race day and see what I can do in the offseason from distance.

The workout was relatively short as I did a 3 x 4 min @ 5K pace with 2 min recovery. I felt good on the first and on the 2nd, I was feeling the effects of not having much speed workout since my half marathon nearly 1 month ago. I pushed it and crushed the last 2 stages of my workout and felt tired by accomplished while having the track to myself :).

On Wednesday, I got 4 miles in before work and the temps were in the mid to low 80’s… yes it was warm and I broke out into a sweat after the first mile or so but I’m still not feeling as miserable as I should for the end of June.

Over the weekend, I ran both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I ran with Carrie and Michelle and I did 5 miles. This is the longest distance since my June 3rd Half in San Diego. It was a good run, a little quick in the beginning for the first 2 miles but I slowed it down for the final 3.

Saturday marked the last day of June and it really wasn’t that bad of a month for heat. It’s been milder but looks like the week ahead is going to be extremely hot near 112!

On Sunday which marked the 1st day of July, I ran with Carrie and Michelle as Mom got in a nice walk of her own. We did 5 miles which was the longest distance since my Half Marathon in San Diego nearly 1 month ago! It felt good but I felt a little sluggish as I wiped the cobwebs off for this 5 miler :).



I’ve got a 4 mile race on the 4th of July which will be a hot one but looking forward to getting to form!

Summer is in full swing and I am too!


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