4th of July race

Thursday July 5, 2018


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Yesterday for the 4th of July, Carrie and I did the Arizona Road Racers 4th of July 4 mile race at Rio Vista Park. This marks my 4th time that I can recall doing the race. It’s always a fun and great atmosphere on a great day as we celebrate Independence Day!

It’s usually quite warm and hot during the race. However, this year was not as bad as years past with the humidity. The temperature was in the upper 80’s with humidity hovering around 25% which really isn’t too bad for early July. I remember last years race being very humid and we sweated a lot, not to say we weren’t sweating after the race yesteray… we were definitely soaked.

The race started off well and I quickly jumped out on the somewhat narrow course that is a rectanglular shaped course. Nothing fancy about this course that runs along the Rio Vista canal on paved sidewalk path. I was running close to an 8 minute mile when this woman ran up to me and said “hey! you’re Carrie’s husband Pete right?” I was a little taken back since I had no idea who she was. She introduced herself as Olivia and said she was friends with Wendy our running friend and neighbor down the street.

So for the next 2 miles, Olivia ran next to me and we chatted which was a little hard to do when you’re racing. Around the 3 mile mark Olivia took off and I kept on running. It was a tough race in terms of the legs feeling like they just couldn’t turn over enough and my breathing was not extremely heavy but it was labored in a controlled manner.

As I approached the bridge which is just over .10 to go, I knew it was time to kick it in. As I made my way down the bridge for the final right turn, I saw Carrie who was encouraging me to kick it in. I did just that and had a nice kick and at one point was running a 4:35 but for just a few seconds. I managed to pass a few people and a young kid which always feels nice when you’re a late 40’s runner!

It was a tough race as it always is this time of year. It was my first summer race in Phoenix this year and I was happy with my effort. Although slower than last year, I was consistent during the last 2 miles and held my ground when the breathing was getting harder as the body was struggling with the heat and effort.

Carrie placed 3rd in her age and had a good run considering she had some shin splints a few weeks ago and has been only running a few days a week. Michelle was also out there racing as well as Paul. We all were slower than what we normally race but when temperatures are in th upper 80’s, you do the best and it’s all about effort. A great day of racing and more importantly, we owe many thanks to our brave soldiers past and present for the great freedom we enjoy to have this opportunity!




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