And so it begins….

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Monday September 17, 2018

Well, its’ that time again for me.. training! This week marks another training session as I aim to race the Tucson Half Marathon in December. I’ve actually never done the Half in Tucson in all my years. I’ve completed several Marathons there, with my best time of 3:39:11. Tucson is also where I ran my first Marathon way back in 1995 where I finished a blistering 4:29:18 which put me in the bottom 12%!!

Tucson is also where I went to the University of Arizona, home of my Wildcats and I will be very excited to be racing with my fellow Wildcats.. BEAR DOWN!!!

For some, training is a bad word that makes them scared. For me, it’s a time I relish and look forward to. Training is a time for hard work, accountability, sacrifice, progress, and growth.

30 years of running and 6 years as certified running coach has enabled me to stay on top of the sport and truly enjoy everything that running has provided me. Over the next 12 weeks there will be changes felt, cooler weather and in my fitness level. There will be tough runs at the track, on the roads, and on the hills.

Over the summer, I made it a priority to keep up with my strength training which I began right after my San Diego Rock and Roll Half in June and have been consistent with my 3 days a week regimen and also keeping a steady 18.4 miles per week of running with the last month in the mid to lower 20’s.

The goal over the summer was to stay moving and to challenge myself with the heat but not overdo it. That has included track workouts once a week and a few sprinkling of races to stay race ready and to know what it feels like to work out hard.

I’ve been through this for many years and know what to expect during the harsh summers and let me tell you, July and August were a bitch! The heat and humidity were extremely tough as it always is in the valley of the sun, but I came out of it much stronger and in better conditioning.

I’m ready to face the challenges again and see what I can do in December. Most of all, I am excited to be healthy and ready to put my body through another round of training and hopefully have a great race when I toe the line in December.

It’s time to have fun and get to work!!!




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