Tucson Half Marathon Training- Week 3



Sunday October 7, 2018


Tuesday– Track day (Treadmill  due to heavy rain)

It was a very rainy day, we received so much rain since Monday that it carried over to Wednesday and was a huge downpour! I did a 3 mile @ Half Marathon race pace followed up by 4 x 2 mins of 5K pace. It was a little tough to stay focused on the treadmill as I haven’t run on the treadmill in a long time.

I had to coach myself through several times but finished the entire workout feeling exhausted but productive.

Wednesday- Recovery run 6 miles

We did the old Ahwatukee route which was fun. It is a route that is easy on the legs which is appreciated after a hard track or speed day. The 6 miler is flat to slight downhill for the first 4 miles with the last few miles having just a few small climbs… we can’t get away from hills altogether in Ahwatukee. A good run coming off of a tough speedworkout. The temperature was extremely humid.. 100% to be exact with the temperature and dew point exactly the same in the low 70’s.

Thursday- Easy run 5 miles

I originally had 6 miles on the slate but with a fairly low mileage last week and this week basically doubling, I wanted to ease back 1 mile. I had a good run, I thought I was running quicker based on my hr at periods but was a bit slower, that’s ok as I am gauging these runs off of effort.


Saturday- Long run 9 miles

This was a tough run with several good climbs in Ahwatukee. I wanted to run an honest and challenging route and I definitely found it. I had several good hills and several stops along the way. My first hill came around mile 1.3 and after about 1/2 mile, I had to stop. I saw Carrie just before I was about to climb the Desert Foothills 1.4 mile hill. We talked for about 10-15 seconds then I began my trek up the long hill.

I saw another friend Joe who was running down the hill. I managed to not stop and ran all the way to the top and stopped to get a drink of water. I had a few more stops along my remaining miles and finished with Carrie and I sprinting towards the end. The run had more stops than I would have liked but I had a good workout on the hills. It’s early in training and I needed to get my butt kicked on the hills.

Sunday- Recovery run 3 miles

Nice morning as we waited about an hour for the heavy rain to stop. It was in the upper 50’s which was chilly for us  and I set out for an easy 3 miler just trying to get some leg turnover after a hard long hill run. Good run this morning and refreshing with cooler temps.

Week 3 Perspective

Overall, a good week that saw plenty of rain to kick off the week as well as close out the week. I did my speedwork on the treadmill Tuesday due to the rains but held it together and finished strong!

The long run was tougher than expected. I needed to do hills and chose a good route but I had a difficult time with breathing as I’m trying to figure out if I’m fighting something respiratory-wise.

I also doubled my mileage from last week since I didn’t get a lot of miles while in Crested Butte. 3 weeks in the books and a 5K looming ahead this coming week. It will be a lighter week of miles so I should be well rested for a good race.


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