Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 6

Eugene Marathon


Sunday March 17, 2019


Monday – Intervals- 12 x 400 @ 10K pace

Good run at track this afternoon. I decided to run in the afternoon on a Monday since Tuesday may be a washout with the expected rain and its nice in the afternoon still.
I ran with Owen who came out to do his own track work with spring break this week.
My goal was to run about 2 min/400 which I was targeting a 10K pace. It felt fairly easy and I kept a 1:53 pace for all 12.

It felt long but not too difficult, but a good steady workout. I ended the last 400 faster and ran a 1:32. It was a nice cloudy and somewhat breezy day. At times there was a light sprinkle, just a taste of what’s expected overnight and into Tuesday. It’s nice to be done and have a rest day tomorrow. And I can’t wait for chili tonight for dinner!

Tuesday– Easy run… 6 miles

I decided to do my run this afternoon since the temperature was very nice.. around 58 and cloudy skies. This marks the 4th straight day of running but will take tomorrow off. This week has been a little out of my norm as I moved up my speed workout to Monday instead of Tuesday and moved up my Wednesday run to today. Now I’ll have Wednesday off and do my easy run Thursday with a long run on the treadmill Friday as I have a 1/2 at work.

Thursday– Easy run… 4.6 miles

This was the first run of the week at my normal early morning hour after running in the afternoon all week. It was an adjusted week with some of my runs moving up a day to see Carrie race this weekend. I was short on my distance with a target of 5 miles with an actual distance of 4.6, but it was a good controlled run without exerting too much energy.

Friday- Long run… 11 miles (treadmill)



This may have been one of my best long runs in a very long time. I ran at the gym this morning after a 1/2 day at work. Part of the reasoning for running on the treadmill was to give my feet a break from the hard asphalt fo the roads and also that it was a little breezy outside.

I also wanted to just be in a zone where I could just run with no distractions that you face on the roads including cars, cyclists, and others.
Of course, the treadmill at my gym is set for 30 minutes so I treated it like stopping at red lights. It I had my schedule of hydration (Skratch strawberry mix w/ water) and 2 honey stinger fruit punch chews every 4 miles on the dot! It was a great run and I felt very fresh throughout.

Only did I feel a little soreness at the bottom of my heels around 8 – 8 1/2 miles but it never got bad and I was able to close the last 1/4 mile at a 7:08 pace. Afterwards, I did a little strength training on my back and shoulders along with core, stretching, and rolling. I am pleased with today’s effort and can rest tomorrow watching Carrie race in the 10K!

Saturday– Carrie’s 10K race

This morning I got to watch Carrie defend her title at the GCU Run To Fight Cancer 10K. Last year she ran her first 10K at this event and won it. This year, she got her repeat and ran a strong race. She was by herself for a good portion of the run which makes it hard to get a quick time but she perservered and put in a solid race and took home the victory!

It was a gorgeous morning for a race with temps in the upper 50’s with a slight breeze. It was a great morning all around and a great cause to help fight Cancer!



Sunday– Easy run… 4 miles

Image result for happy st. patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This morning donned in a green running shirt, I set out for an easy 4 miless celebrating another great week of training.  It was nice and cool with temps near upper 50’s, still comfortable but the morning lows are starting to creep up little by little. I started my morning by getting in a total body strength training at the gym around 6:15 then drove out to the YMCA in Tempe where Carrie and her friend Kara were running the canal. Carrie ran from home early this morning to get in 18.1 miles for her long run, this coming off an incredible 10K race yesterday.

When I finished my run, Carrie and Kara came by the car and Carrie took in some water and and headed home for the final 6 miles. She said she felt pretty good even with a hard effort race just 24 hours prior.


Week 6 recap…

I have officially reached the halfway point in training as I inch my way closer to Eugene. It was a very good week and somewhat adjusted workouts as I moved up some of the runs to be able to see Carrie race this weekend.

My speed workout felt fresh, the long run went very well and I was able to help prevent some of the hard pounding of the pavement by running on the treadmill which I don’t do often.. I do believe the treadmill is a nice change of pace and also provides a good workout when you want to change it up or want to lessen some of the pounding on your feet.

Looking ahead, week 7 closes out with a 12 mile long run that will involve some hills throughout Ahwatukee. Then in week 8 my cutback week, will be the last short race (5K) out in Queen Creek to gauge my training and also to see if I able to keep up the speed which has been going extremely well on my 5K races.

Spring is around the corner officially and the next few weeks are critical in all areas. I’m very pleased with my nutrition, strength training, and post workout stretching and rolling exercises.

Until spring… which is only 3 days away! Have a great run and make the most out of your steps!



Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 5

Eugene Marathon


Sunday March 10, 2019


Tuesday– Speed workout… Threshold intervals 2 x 2 mile @ Half race pace

This morning I got up an headed for the gym for my speed workout. Running on the treadmill usually feels a little easier at the same pace/mile outside for me. I settled into a groove and knocked out the first 2 miler with no issues and after a quick 3 min recovery finished another set.

It was a good run with my average pace close to 8:28 which is a little quicker than my anticipated Half Marathon race pace. The pace probably feels closer to an 8:40 pace if I were running on the roads.

After the run, I did my strength training for legs and back. It was a great morning and got my strength training in at the same time.


Wednesday– Recovery run… 5 miles

A nice morning run with Carrie, although it was just a little warm for me to wear a long sleeve shirt. The temp said upper 50’s and by the 2nd mile I was starting to work up a good sweat. Spring is closer than we think and soon we’ll be back to warmer temps.

I had a good run and just got in some good leg turnover to keep the legs moving.


Thursday– Easy… 5 miles with 15 sec strides after

Good run this morning despite the left foot and left hip being a little sore from 10 days ago at track. I got in 4.5 miles on a 5 mile target day.


Saturday– Long run… 10 miles

This morning was a chilly morning with lows near 42 which is warm for this time of year but a welcome sight. I wore gloves for the first time in over a week and a thin pullover which I later shed after miles.

I had a route where I was running 4 miles back to the car and getting my chews and hydration fluids then circling back after another 4 for a total of 8 miles for another drink before closing out with 2 miles.

It was a good run with my pace coming in at a 9:03 pace. I did make a few stops for hydration as well as traffic lights but felt good overall. My left foot and hip has been feeling a little better the past day and didn’t flare up as in the past.

I met Carrie back at the car where she recently completed her 16 miler and had an awesome run!

We took a few pics and this long run is in the books! A short recovery run tomorrow then a nice massage to for additional recovery and to hopefully loosen up the hips and ankle/foot.



Sunday– Recovery… 3 miles

Nothing fancy with this one. Recovery run after a long run yesterday to keep the legs moving get in some turnover. Another cool but nice morning and wore a headband and gloves. I know the days of wearing gloves/headbands are numbered so I might as well enjoy them as much as possible.

Went to the gym afterwards for my total body workout which I like to do on Sunday and got a great strength training regimen. I’ve got a track workout tomorrow afternoon which Mondays are normally a rest day but with heavy rain expected Tuesday morning, I wanted to use the daylight to my advantage before the rain comes Monday evening as expected.

In the afternoon, I also got a massage to help flush out the tightness and also a little graston or “scraping” to help with the breaking up of that “junk” in my body.


Week 5 Recap

A very good week with a long run of 10 miles. My left foot was still sore and tight for most of the week but did feel better on Friday, just in time for my long run. This weeks speed workout went well and did it on the treadmill which is easier on the feet for the pounding (as the track has been opening later) which helps me.

I kept my long run with very little hills and worked on a good pace which was quicker than anticipated but I also ran on feel. Losing a few pounds since January has helped me become lighter on my feet and feeling better and quicker overall.

This coming weeks focus will be to have a clean crisp track workout and a solid long run which I will be doing on the treadmill at the gym a day earlier (Friday) so that I can go and watch Carrie do the GCU 10K. Last year she was the female winner, she has a good chance to repeat which I’d like to see.

7 weeks to go until Eugene and training is going as good as I had envisioned. My nutrition is on point, I’m sticking to my strength training,  the pre and post stretching, rolling, and core exercises on a daily basis. Accountability is something I was taking very serious heading into 2019 and I couldn’t be happier with my actions.

Until next week… have a great run and enjoy every moment of it!






Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 4 (5K race)

Eugene Marathon


Sunday March 3, 2019



Tuesday– Speed workout… 12 x 400M

I decided to do my speed workout at the track Monday afternoon. The temperature was hovering around 66 degrees and it was a little challenging with the track team working out but I has a lane available and had to run on the grassy part for a small portion.

I felt good and ran a lot quicker than my targeted pace. I wanted to run a about 10 seconds faster than my 5K race pace and ran it about 25-30 seconds faster! I’m getting ready for a 5K this weekend and this was a good prep workout.

Afterwards, my left foot started feeling a little numb on the bottom and a little sore.


Wednesday– Recovery… 5.5 miles

I am still feeling a little numb and sore on the left foot after track Monday afternoon and put in 5.5 miles on a 6 mile target day. Afterwards, I still feel a little sore and hoping its just something I tweaked Monday afternoon that will come back to normal. I’ve been doing some stretching, rolling, and CTM band wraps on it.


Thursday– REST.. slight injury

I was supposed to run 5 miles this morning but my left foot is still not feeling 100% so I decided to give it an extra days rest. It’s a cutback week so I’m giving it a little more time in hopes of having a strong 5K race this Saturday. It feels like some nerve or tightness around the heel/foot area.


Saturday– 5K race!



This morning I had a 5K race out in Gilbert. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I have been dealing with a little pain/soreness in my left foot after Monday’s speedworkout. I’m not in terrible pain but something got tweaked and I’ve been feeling it in my left foot, glutes, and hip flexors.

My goal was to try to run a little quicker than my last 5K in February where I ran 24:21 which was about 30 seconds faster than the one in January. So, if I my fitness has been improving as my weight has dropped as a result of better nutrition and mindful eating, I thought I could run well.

As the race started, I took off and was running a 7:20 pace for the first 1/2 mile which was quicker than I was shooting for but felt pretty good. The course was on all terrain including track, pavement, grass, and a little dirt. I ran a mile of my warmup on the course and knew what to expect and the rough spots ahead of time.

At the 1st mile, I clocked a 7:37 mile which was considerably faster than I was expecting. I thought a 7:50 maybe high 40’s was a range I would hit but kept on going and my pace slowed down a bit and my 2nd mile was 7:53 which was still good for an average of 7:45.

With 2 miles under my belt, I knew my 3rd mile is usually pretty strong and as I made my way close to the track with one lap outside to go, I saw Carrie who was urging me on and pushing me. I had one lap outside of the track to go then almost a full lap inside of the track.

As I entered the track, Carrie was yelling and pushing me on to kick but I was really feeling the pain and it wasn’t until I had about 100M to go that I kicked it in and although it was my usual 100M sprint, I did pick it up and closed with a 30 second 100M and came in 22:54!

Now, the course on my watch read 3.00 miles instead of 3.10 but even with the adjustment, I would have run a 23:42 which would be 39 seconds faster than my last 5K which is a significant improvement.

I was pleased with my efforts and pushed really hard especially on the last mile where I ran a 7:23 pace which is beyond words for me at this point.


Sunday–  Recovery … 4 miles

Nice recovery run to the track while Carrie did her workout then I did a mile back home. I felt pretty good the day after my 5K race, the left foot still a little sore but feels like it isn’t as bad. At least it didn’t get worse with a race. The temperature this morning was perfect and I got to do a little coaching while Carrie knocked out 5 x 1 miles on the track as she is having a great training session and nailing her workouts!


Week 4 Recap

A cutback week which I took an extra day rest due to my left foot feeling a little distressed. I had a great week with a strong effort on my 5K race over the weekend and ran one of my best races as this marks my 3rd straight race this year where I have gotten faster. The last mile of my 5K came in at 7:23 which is fast for me, especially on the last mile. I looked at the data and I did run the last .40 quick and closed strong on the final .10. It was a great week overall and 1/3 of my training is now in the books!



Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 3

Eugene Marathon


Sunday February 24, 2019


Tuesday– Speed workout… Combo
3 miles at Half Marathon goal pace 8:35 … recover with 3 min. rest.. 4 x 2:00 @ 5K pace (8:00) or 1:00/200M w/ 90 sec rest

I decided to put in my speedworkout Monday afternoon since it was cool.. a little breezy but temps hovering around 52-53. I felt in control and very strong throughout the workout and having a very good training. I ran quicker on the 3 mile Half pace which was supposed to be around 8:40 and I ran quicker near 8:28. On the 2:00 @ 5K pace which for me is 7:50, I went out the gates on my first set at 7:04! I was feeling good and couldn’t hold back but found a rhythm and averaged 7:19 for the 4 sets.

Overall, the speed session at the track was one of my best and I am feeling really good with the new changes in my nutrition and overall health.


Wednesday– Recovery run… 6 miles

This was a frigid morning. The temperature just before 5am was 32 degrees as we ran by the jewelry store marquee that displayed the temps…. BRR! This is only the 2nd time perhaps that the weather has been this cold where my toes felt like needles were poking them. I had on my heavier beanie and gloves.

Carrie and I ran together and it was a good run overall, cold but productive. February has been chillier than normal with the highs in the 50’s and 60’s where the normal is 70-71. I know the summer heat will be here so the colder temps are fine by me!

After our run we took a picture of the Super Snow Moon



Thursday– Easy run… 6 miles treadmill

This morning I decided opted to run on the treadmill as we were supposed to get a good amount of rain. Afterwards, I put in a little strength training so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. The run went well although it felt a bit long but I had a good workout on the weights. I’m feeling good and sticking with my daily stretches at least 2 times along with my abs.


Saturday– Long run… 9 miles

A great run this morning with temps near 36 degrees, another cold morning which makes February one of the coldest we’ve had for a while. I broke up my 9 miler this morning by running 4 miles then coming home for some hydration and chews and to change my hat and lighter pullover.

It was a great morning and felt good overall. My body is responding well to the exercises I’m doing on a regular basis from TriMotus.


Sunday– Recovery run… 4 miles

After getting a good full 8+ hours of sleep, I got up for my normal Sunday routine of getting to the gym for a total body strength training workout then a nice easy run. I ran 3 miles and met Carrie at the track where she was putting in a speedworkout of her own and nailed her workouts. Afterwards, she did a recovery lap with a football that was left on the track. We might have the makings of our next great football running back!




We also got in a selfie (Carrie the flexer) and then headed home after a good Sunday morning run!



Week 3 Recap

This was another good week of training and my body feels like it is adapting to the training. The hip/back exercises along with the strength training and core routine is really paying off. My weight is good while I’m still looking to shed just a few more pounds of body fat. It’s proof that eating well and not in large chunks will yield the outcome you’re shooting for. With the exception of the all you can eat Sushi I did with the family over the weekend, I’ve been well-disciplined with my nutrition and eating more veggies and fruits which I should be doing on a regular basis!

Next weekend is a 5K race which will mark the end of 4 weeks of training (25% of training) which is always a good test to see where my body is in the early stages of training. I’m looking forward to another hard effort race!

Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 2

Eugene Marathon


Sunday February 17, 2019


Tuesday– Speed workout… 3 mile Tempo

A great run this morning on the roads. The track has been spotty on when its open so my first priority is running on the roads and if the track is open when I run by it, I’ll run on the track. Today I focused on doing all of my miles on the road and hit my target.
I wanted to run slower than 10K pace and held that in check. The body responded nicely and I was able to get in some quality miles this morning.


Wednesday– Recovery run… 5 miles

This morning a little longer on the recovery run as I made my way through various streets. I definitely kept the pace easy after coming off a hard speed workout day yesterday. Temps were comfortable in the mid 40’s and I didn’t wear my headband, only gloves.

In the afternoon I went to my Chiro appointment with Dr. H who gave me an adjustment and worked on my hips and back and feet.

Thursday– Easy run… 5 miles

A good morning with temperatures close to the mid 50’s which is warm when I’ve been running in the 40’s. Good leg turnover and miles on the road.


Saturday– Long run hills… 8 miles

Great run this morning with Carrie as we ran Desert Foothills and the big hill up and down it. I felt really strong and closed quickly. The body is feeling very good early in training.

Sunday– Recovery run… 4 miles

Just a nice recovery run that ended up being fast. I’m feeling like I have a second wind and the few pounds that I have lost and strength gained is really paying off.



Eugene Half Marathon Training- Week 1

Eugene Marathon


Sunday February 10, 2019


This marked the first week of Half Marathon training for Eugene which is April 28th and officially 11 weeks away!

Before my training kicked off, I started off the new year with a new perspective on health and have cut out a lot of the “junk” foods that I like and eating more vegetables and fruits. Sure I still have my indulgences like chips which used to be a daily x 2 habit but now eat it about once a week and instead of having it at work with my lunch, I’m eating veggies for a healthier alternative.

I’m also eating more mind fully and actually feeling hungry when its time to eat. As a result, I’ve lost about 3 lbs in about 4 weeks and have goal in mind which involves losing a few more pounds of fat and to increase my lean muscle mass. I’m feeling better and looking forward to huge salads and eating smaller portions of meat instead of overdoing it. This along with daily stretches and exercises for my hips, back, and abs 2-3 times a day along with strength training several times a week, I’m looking forward to being 50 this year more than ever!

Here’s how the week played out!


Tuesday– Speed workout… 1 mile / 2 x 800 / 1 x 400

I’m coming off a great 5K race 2 days ago and still had some strong legs and put in a good workout on the roads.

I ended up doing my speed workout on the roads since the groundskeepers at the school are never consistent in what time they open the gates.. and quite honestly, this runner doesn’t have time to stand around. So together with Carrie who was having a lighter week in prep for her Marathon at the end of the week helped run with me. I had a strong run and put in a great effort with a little modications on the road.


Wednesday– Recovery run… 5 miles

Easy run after a speed workout the previous day. I just let the body run easy and had a great run. The usual pre and post stretching and hip/glute exercises that I got from TriMotus Chiro and Dr. H!


Thursday– Easy run… 5 miles


Saturday– Long run… 7 miles and watching Carrie at the Sprouts Phoenix Marathon!

This year Carrie was running  the Phoenix Marathon out in Mesa, so I dropped her off at the bus pickup just before 5am then headed to L.A. Fitness which is conveniently located right across the street to put in 7 miles so I can watch her race at several points of the course. It was a good run but a little boring but powered through.
The nice thing about this particular gym is that the treadmills run for 60 mins. vs. the standard 30 mins at other L.A. Fitness gyms.

Carries Marathon…

After running 7 miles on the treadmill, I headed out to see Carrie at miles 8, 11, 15, and 20.7. She was running very strong especially the first half and felt great each time I saw her. He main goal was to run under 3 hours which would be the 7th time in 18 Marathons raced.

Near the 21 mile mark is when she was starting to grimace a little but still having a great race. A PR was still an outside shot but more importantly she was moving up from 15th place to 10th place!

When I got to the finish line, I saw her coming in near the 26 mile mark and shouted out her name and ran alongside her outside of fenced barriers encouraging her to keep moving and finish strong!

In the end, she clocked a 2:59:22 Marathon! and in that she ended up…

  • 1st in Women’s Master’s Division
  • Recorded her 7th sub 3 hour Marathon
  • 10th Overall Female Marathon finisher

It was a tremendous race and she was extremely happy and so was I. Congrats Carrie!! You have not lost a step in your early Master’s Division!!!



Sunday– Easy run… 3 miles after strength training

Saturdays are my favorite day but Sunday’s are just as fun. My Sunday routine this  year typically involves going to the gym for a total body strength training then heading outdoors for a nice easy run.

This morning the temperature was in the upper 30’s as I wore a beanie and gloves and short sleeve. I’m usually a little warm after strength training and feel pretty good even when its a tad bit chilly. It was a great morning run as I got some good leg turnover after yesterdays 7 miler.




Tucson Half Marathon recap

Monday December 10, 2018




It’s been 2 days since I completed the Tucson Half Marathon and I’m feeling pretty good. The quads a little sore from the slight downhill portions and the left foot just a little tight but feeling pretty good overall!

I wanted to provide some insight on the race and give you my perspective of how I did. But first, I have to start by saying that my 12 week training phase went pretty good overall. The last 3-4 weeks I was beginning to feel like I wanted the race to come and go. I didn’t strength train the last 3 weeks at all and refrained from my usual stretches and kept it to a minimum.

Perhaps I was feeling a little burned out or just ready for the race to get here. My body was feeling a bit tired and I did get a few massages during the final few weeks.

Race day

We made it to Tucson on Friday afternoon under cloudy skies with rain that had soaked the city hours before. The outlook for race day was partly cloudy in the morning to clear skies later.  We woke up at 4am with Carrie getting on her 5 am shuttle to the Marathon start while I took my Half Marathon shuttle close to 5:30am.

I was feeling good and knew what I wanted to run as I prepared all training long for a good race. My goal leading up to race day was to try to finish at least 1:54 if not a sub 1:54. My goal target pace was 8:45 and the stage was set.

At the start of the race, the temperature was close to 45 degrees with virtually no wind. The start is just outside of Biosphere 2 near the Catalina State highway. We began on a nice slight downhill for the first 6-7 miles and my pace was in line with it as I clocked an 8:22 first mile which was fast but it was also slightly downhill so I let my body run naturally and didn’t get out of breath and my heart rate felt good but taxing.

The next 5 miles were pretty consistent with splits of 8:25, 8:28, 8:28, 8:32, and 8:33 which was an average of 8:28/mile well ahead of schedule pace. Miles 7-10 were slightly slower with just a few small inclines but still a net downhill and my splits came in 8:43, 8:38, 8:45, and 8:47 which for these 4 miles put me at an average pace of 8:43. Overall after 10 miles I was running a pace of 8:34. By now my left foot had been a little sore by not real bad and I knew the day before when Carrie and I drove the last 2 miles that at mile 11, there would be the biggest hill of the race behind Basha’s which really isn’t in any other setting, but being that this was just 2 miles before the finish, it felt a little tougher.

At the crest of the hill I ran an 8:54 11th mile and I knew I would be close to a 9 minute mile and was fighting to keep it under which I did. After that hill, the next half mile my legs were taxed by the hill and overall miles. I didn’t want to stop but the left foot was sore which usually does on longer distances and I decided to stop for what turned out to be 8-10 seconds.

When I got to the 12th mile, I had run a 9:56 mile! I knew that would be a slow mile and after 12 miles my average pace dropped to an 8:42.. so I was still running quicker than my target. On the last mile which always seems to last an eternity, I kept telling myself we’re almost there and to keep moving.

I have to be honest, I thought I would take another quick breather around 12.5 but I kept moving and on the right turn heading towards the fire station which would have one more quick right turn, I kept my head down and pushed on. With about 100-125M to go, I said let’s go! and I went from an 8:30 pace to 5:30 for the last stretch. The result… a 1:54:40 finish which came out to an 8:45 pace!

I had met my target pace although I would have loved to have run a sub 1:54 on this course. Overall, I was pleased with my time and my body wasn’t as banged up but I was still a little tired as expected.

Here are my splits from my Garmin with the average for the first set of miles (6, 10, and 13).

Mile Pace Average pace
1 8:22
2 8:25
3 8:28
4 8:28
5 8:32
6 8:33 8:28
7 8:43
8 8:38
9 8:45
10 8:47 8:43
11 8:54
12 9:56
13 9:14 9:21
13.1 0:51


After catching my breath and collecting my medal, I made my way to pick up my bag and get a little food then went out to catch Carrie finish her race which was getting close. I had set a tracker online so I can see her splits once I got my phone after the race and knew she was getting close to the finish.

Her splits were a little slower than she was hoping for as she wanted to run close to 2:55. A few minutes later I could see her and she had about .20 to go and shortly after I shouted to her to help bring her in.



She looked good, tired but had strength in her legs and was fighting for every step. She rounded the last short right turn and sprinted to the finish line. She finished in just over 3:04:03 which was good to make the podium for a 3rd place female!

Afterwards we spoke about the course and it sounded like the Marathon course was far tougher than ours. I was proud of Carrie as she had a great training leading up to the race and not an injury during the entire training. She got a nice mug that she used at the hotel for her hot Nuun drink. This was her 17th Marathon that she completed! Congrats Carrie!!!

All in all it was a great race for us both and we were looking for cooler weather after racing in the summer of 2017 which was horrible!




Now we turn our attention to recovering and look forward to starting the training process all over again in the very near future. The next Half Marathon on the slate for me is Eugene which we I have done twice and looking forward to a great race!



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Tucson Half Marathon Training- Week 3



Sunday October 7, 2018


Tuesday– Track day (Treadmill  due to heavy rain)

It was a very rainy day, we received so much rain since Monday that it carried over to Wednesday and was a huge downpour! I did a 3 mile @ Half Marathon race pace followed up by 4 x 2 mins of 5K pace. It was a little tough to stay focused on the treadmill as I haven’t run on the treadmill in a long time.

I had to coach myself through several times but finished the entire workout feeling exhausted but productive.

Wednesday- Recovery run 6 miles

We did the old Ahwatukee route which was fun. It is a route that is easy on the legs which is appreciated after a hard track or speed day. The 6 miler is flat to slight downhill for the first 4 miles with the last few miles having just a few small climbs… we can’t get away from hills altogether in Ahwatukee. A good run coming off of a tough speedworkout. The temperature was extremely humid.. 100% to be exact with the temperature and dew point exactly the same in the low 70’s.

Thursday- Easy run 5 miles

I originally had 6 miles on the slate but with a fairly low mileage last week and this week basically doubling, I wanted to ease back 1 mile. I had a good run, I thought I was running quicker based on my hr at periods but was a bit slower, that’s ok as I am gauging these runs off of effort.


Saturday- Long run 9 miles

This was a tough run with several good climbs in Ahwatukee. I wanted to run an honest and challenging route and I definitely found it. I had several good hills and several stops along the way. My first hill came around mile 1.3 and after about 1/2 mile, I had to stop. I saw Carrie just before I was about to climb the Desert Foothills 1.4 mile hill. We talked for about 10-15 seconds then I began my trek up the long hill.

I saw another friend Joe who was running down the hill. I managed to not stop and ran all the way to the top and stopped to get a drink of water. I had a few more stops along my remaining miles and finished with Carrie and I sprinting towards the end. The run had more stops than I would have liked but I had a good workout on the hills. It’s early in training and I needed to get my butt kicked on the hills.

Sunday- Recovery run 3 miles

Nice morning as we waited about an hour for the heavy rain to stop. It was in the upper 50’s which was chilly for us  and I set out for an easy 3 miler just trying to get some leg turnover after a hard long hill run. Good run this morning and refreshing with cooler temps.

Week 3 Perspective

Overall, a good week that saw plenty of rain to kick off the week as well as close out the week. I did my speedwork on the treadmill Tuesday due to the rains but held it together and finished strong!

The long run was tougher than expected. I needed to do hills and chose a good route but I had a difficult time with breathing as I’m trying to figure out if I’m fighting something respiratory-wise.

I also doubled my mileage from last week since I didn’t get a lot of miles while in Crested Butte. 3 weeks in the books and a 5K looming ahead this coming week. It will be a lighter week of miles so I should be well rested for a good race.

Tucson Half Marathon Training- Week 1


Sunday September 23, 2018

Over the course of 12 weeks, I will be providing some insight and updates on my training as I work towards the Tucson Half Marathon at the end of the year. Take a journey with me and see how I train. Witness the good and not so good days, but hopefully more good 🙂

Tuesday– Track day.. 1 mile / 2 x 800 / 1 x 400 which turned out to be 2 x 400

This morning I made my way to Mountain Pointe H.S. track where we do all of our track workouts. After my warmup run and some drills, I took off for my mile which I was aiming for 7:45. I was a little behind the target after 1/2 mile and knew I had to pick it up a little the last 2 laps.

I was feeling a little sluggish and on the last lap, I made a strong surge and hit the mile in 7:46 which is only 1 sec off my target. After recovery my next workout involved 2 x 800 and the goal was 3:30. This is where I struggled. Knowing I needed to hit 1:45 on the 400’s I was down early on the first 400 with a 1:53 and could not get it back. I hit 3:40 for the first set, a whole 10 seconds off pace.

The second 800 was slightly faster at 3:38 but I just did not have it today. I felt a little discomfort in the left side of my chest and I was a little concerned about my heart as I have been getting some tests done. Knowing I only had a 400 to close out, I did a quick recovery and wanted to run this close to top speed. I got out to a quick jump and clocked the 200 around 0:43 which was on pace for 1:26. On the last 100 with the straightaway, I ran as quick as I could feeling every ounce of my body fatiguing. The result, 1:24! I was happy with that.

My day at the track was done but as I was doing a short recovery and Carrie was finishing up her workout, I decided to run with her as she had one more 400 to do. This one was quicker with a 1:23 while Carrie got 1:27!

Afterwards, I was feeling very sluggish and my chest on the left side was feeling a bit in discomfort, not very painful but a little overworked? I was a bit light-headed and did a very easy cooldown as we made our way home.

It was a good morning at the track, I would not say excellent since my 800’s were a bit of a bust but a productive one and a good start to training!

Wednesday- recovery run

The morning run started out on a very humid and sticky day. We are supposed to get rain today and the skies feel like the moisture is there. It didn’t take me long to break into a big sweat. I have been looking at my watch and the HR and wanted to keep it close to 130 bpm regardless of pace. I felt pretty comfortable. Most of all, I didn’t get that pain in my left chest area like I did yesterday which was not fun for most of the day.

Thursday- easy run and Birthday run with Carrie!

Today Carrie celebrates her 40th Birthday, it’s a day she’s been looking forward to for quite some time. For those of you not familiar with what runners identify with when speaking of Masters, here’s what it’s about. When a runner turns 40, he or she is considered to be in the Masters division, a separate category of runners.

Some races have special classifications for Masters and if you’re one of the faster runners, you may win extra money simply for placing in the top of your respective Masters male or female ranks!

So this morning I ran with her for a little as she was running to meet with her friend Kara for their own run. My run this morning was an easy 4 miler but in 92% humidity. Even though the temperature was 73, it definitely felt muggy. I closed with a few strides and had a good run!

Saturday- easy run

Normally my long run day, due to a race tomorrow I’m doing a short easy run as a shakeout run in prep for my 10K race. It was a non-eventful day as I prepare for my race tomorrow.

Sunday- 10K Global Energy race

This was a good and challenging race that had hills, heat, and tons of free food! I set my sights on a good race. My goal I was shooting for was an 8:20 pace which would have landed me near 51:46. I ended up with a time of 52:48 an 8:30 pace. Overall, I was a little disappointed in the fact that I could not seem to get out of the 8:30 pace I was running for the middle part of the race.

The course had some good challenging hills but nothing I would call dramatic or too daunting. Part of me feels a sense of complacency or being comfortable with the pace. 10K’s are a distance I have traditionally shyed away from but it was not always like that. Back in the 90’s there were plenty of 10Ks’ and I used to run them. Until this year, I haven’t done them much if at all.

But it’s a great mix for gauging progress for a Half Marathon race which is my ideal distance race. I was also using this a barometer since I just started my training for the Tucson Half Marathon in December. The race was the end of week 1 in training and it’s also the start of my fitness for training.

In that sense, it was good to get out there and work for the race. It took me a mile or two to really get into a groove and then decide where I could settle in for the remainder of the race. On the last mile which was downhill, I wanted to go sub 8 mins on the last 1.5 miles where it was mainly downhill but I could only get close to 8 mins. It wasn’t until the last .10 where I pushed low 7 mins.

I was gassed at the end but ran a fairly consistent race in terms of pace. More importantly, I know what I need to work on but allow the fitness to come with my training. A good day of racing overall.


Week 1 Perspective

The first week is now in the books and looking back, not much feels different from my summer running. It’s only the first week but I know I can improve on my speed and getting in good consistent long runs for mileage.

It is unusual for me to have a race on the first week of training, but I got in for free and used it for a good training run as well. The temperature is still above seasonal norms which made it tougher on race day but I know I’m better off for running all summer in worse conditions.

I need to be good on my nutrition and make some changes and continue with my good strength training and recovery which has been going well with the complement of stretching and rolling.

Looking ahead, another race this coming weekend with a trip to Crested Buttes, Colorado to run Emma Coburn’s Elk Run 5K. Emmas is our favorite women’s Steeplechase Olympian who is from Crested Butte and this is her 2nd year of putting together this race. It’s also part of Carrie’s birthday to celebrate her 40th Birthday which makes her now a Masters runner!

1 down and 11 weeks to go!








And so it begins….

IMG_20180916_072813_502 (7)


Monday September 17, 2018

Well, its’ that time again for me.. training! This week marks another training session as I aim to race the Tucson Half Marathon in December. I’ve actually never done the Half in Tucson in all my years. I’ve completed several Marathons there, with my best time of 3:39:11. Tucson is also where I ran my first Marathon way back in 1995 where I finished a blistering 4:29:18 which put me in the bottom 12%!!

Tucson is also where I went to the University of Arizona, home of my Wildcats and I will be very excited to be racing with my fellow Wildcats.. BEAR DOWN!!!

For some, training is a bad word that makes them scared. For me, it’s a time I relish and look forward to. Training is a time for hard work, accountability, sacrifice, progress, and growth.

30 years of running and 6 years as certified running coach has enabled me to stay on top of the sport and truly enjoy everything that running has provided me. Over the next 12 weeks there will be changes felt, cooler weather and in my fitness level. There will be tough runs at the track, on the roads, and on the hills.

Over the summer, I made it a priority to keep up with my strength training which I began right after my San Diego Rock and Roll Half in June and have been consistent with my 3 days a week regimen and also keeping a steady 18.4 miles per week of running with the last month in the mid to lower 20’s.

The goal over the summer was to stay moving and to challenge myself with the heat but not overdo it. That has included track workouts once a week and a few sprinkling of races to stay race ready and to know what it feels like to work out hard.

I’ve been through this for many years and know what to expect during the harsh summers and let me tell you, July and August were a bitch! The heat and humidity were extremely tough as it always is in the valley of the sun, but I came out of it much stronger and in better conditioning.

I’m ready to face the challenges again and see what I can do in December. Most of all, I am excited to be healthy and ready to put my body through another round of training and hopefully have a great race when I toe the line in December.

It’s time to have fun and get to work!!!